Do you have an unruly dog?

  • Do you get frustrated because your dog doesn’t listen to you?
  • Is your dog pulling on the lead, jumping on visitors, not coming back when called or getting out of control during walks?
  • Have you tried other training classes that DIDN’T work for you?
  • No worries. We are here to help you and get RESULTS.
  • Please call us on 021 0450 440 or read our dog training options.

Did you just get a puppy?

  • Is your pup starting to misbehave?
  • Would you like to prevent any bad behaviours for your puppy?
  • Would you like to have an obedient puppy who is the envy of the whole suburb?
  • For puppies of less than 18 weeks, please read about our puppy training options.

Too busy to take your dog or cat to the groomers?

  • No worries, we adapt to YOUR schedule.
  • In-home dog grooming at the comfort of your own place.
  • Friendly and professional service, your dog will get the haircut that YOU want.
  • Visit our dog grooming page.

How to contact Pablo’s Dogs?

Pablo Ramirez, dog trainer Rotorua


What our clients say… 

  • “Our rescue Kelpie x Terrier, Mikey, had suffered serious mental trauma as a puppy and as a result was very timid and became aggressive to people. His behaviour was unpredictable and very difficult to live with.  When we contacted Pablo, we had tried other trainers but it had not been successful. Pablo was amazing and instantly made us feel better about poor Mikey’s future. We trained with Pablo in individual sessions and the transformation was incredible. Everyone started commenting on how Mikey had become a different dog, he was much more confident, settled and happy.”- 
  • Want to know what our dog training clients say? Read our testimonials.

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