Do you want to give your dog the best start in life?

  • You will learn how to communicate with your dog so that it becomes your reliable best friend for LIFE.
  • You will be able to read your dog and give your dog a solid obedience training foundation to a 100%.
  • You will understand who your dog really is and work with its skills.
  • You will get my undivided attention.

Private puppy training

My name is Pablo and I am a private dog trainer living in Rotorua. I believe that private one-on-one dog training is the best way to get results in dog training.

After dealing with many behaviour problems of older dogs, I have realised that dog owners are not training their puppies early on and with the methods more suitable for their dogs’ temperament. This is why I have decided from now on (October 2014) to focus mainly on training puppies (from 8 to 16 weeks old).

What do I get?

  • You will get a personalised training experience, tailored to you and your dog’s training skills.
  • You will get the right guidance so that you can develop a unique relationship with your dog.
  • When you train your puppy with me, you will be able to shape your dog to your own need, to identify and extinguish bad behaviours early on. Training RESULTS that LAST for LIFE is all about prevention.

I want to know more!

Solid 18 years experience, no quick fixes

I have handled dogs for the last 18 years, first as a dog groomer, as a vet nurse and as a professional dog trainer, in Peru, in Australia (where I got fully qualified), and now, in New Zealand, where I continue with my passion, working with dogs.

I do not offer quick fixes of miracles, training with me requires commitment. If you train with me you will get results and I will give you 100% lifetime dog training support for you and your dog.

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